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Dogs or their handlers may need space for many reasons: They are too young, too old, learning, working, injured, disabled, unsure, afraid, had a bad experience or a tough life.

Sometimes "It’s NOT OK!” and those lovely, friendly, energetic, precious unleashed dogs could be a real nightmare for others.  Let’s make it easier for all. 

Here @thehuggabledog, we try to follow all your suggestions, ideas and needs, but if you cannot find what you are looking for, we can MAKE it for you.

HOW do you do it?:

You can get in touch here or on Instagram @thehuggabledog (this way could be quicker and easier).
But before that...  we strongly recommend you to read the following so you can have a better idea of the results.

BACKGROUND COLOUR: Choose the colour you like. If you would like an specific colour please just send us a photo with the idea. We will do our best to try to match it (examples are digital representations, colours may vary slightly from the final product).

TEXT: Any text you like as long as it fits in the space available. In order to look good the number of characters should NOT exceed what you see on the examples. Remember, LESS IS MORE, short and clear will always be easier to read.
You can have it in any LANGUAGE as long as you provide the text. 

You can copy the text of the example below and paste it in your message replacing the example text with your choice. Do not hesitate to contact me in case of any doubt.
You can add a SIGN with your text as long as it fits, or up to four signs in a row.


TEXT (top text)= “your text here” .
TEXT B (optional)= “optional text here”. + SIGN = a letter from the photo example (optional) or "Signs A,B,C,D” instead of TEXT.

BACK:"Same as FRONT” or... "only signs A,B,C,D”.


You can add a personal photo or a logo. You must provide a high quality image* of (for example) your dog's face (preferable original, without filters applied or fading backgrounds), in JPG or PNG. Otherwise we cannot guarantee a good result.
For logos it will be much appreciated if you would send a vectorised file (if this is not possible, JPG or PNG will also do).
*Any photo, logo or drawing you provide must belong to you. I am afraid we cannot reproduce anything that infringes copyright laws.

Maximum two photos (heads) for sleeve.
If you would like extra design work, additional cost could be added. Please get in contact for a quotation.

You can send your image/images via email.

LEASH WIDTH (for snaps buttons): "Your leash thickness".
For the snap Buttons: You can let me know the width of your leash and I will fit these plastic buttons for you on the sleeves. Otherwise standard fit would be for leashes of approx 1 inch / 2.5cm. wide.


Waiting times for these types of custom orders could take between 2 to 3 WEEKS before shipping (designing, approving, sending to print, waiting for prints, cutting, sewing and packing). We usually send to print once a month.
Keep in mind that In order for me to start working on any design, your custom order needs to be placed, and photos sent.
Please send all the information/photo/logos, necessary within 24 hours of your purchase or your order could be delayed.

PLEASE, STAY tuned. You will receive in a message a digital example of your choice before it is sent to print. If I am not able to contact you, your order could be delayed.

No refund available once I have started working on your project.

SIZE AVAILABLE: Leash sleeves approx. 25cm/10 in long by 6cm/2.3 in wide. 

The designs are printed in the UK on both sides on medium weight coated polyester waterproof canvas, using dye sublimation.
Have a look around in our shop for more ideas, maybe we already have available what you need and you can get it much sooner.

Fill in the form below for any queries you have or get in contact via social media. Instagram @thehuggabledog

We speak English and Spanish and will try to answer all your questions as soon as possible. 

Enjoy your walk!!

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