About us

As many of you may know already, everything started back in 2016 because of my beloved Huggable Dog Chewie.

Chewie was found in a rubbish container when he was just a few hours old. I was fortunate to be around and had the immense privilege of keeping him by my side (literally) all his life.

He suffered from hip dysplasia, arthritis and later on was diagnosed with diabetes. We noticed that he became very grumpy when other dogs with a lot of energy come close to him. He used to get very agitated and that was not good for his pain or sugar levels. This is the reason I started making these advisory leash sleeves.

He needed something very clear, light, comfortable, for all weathers, easy to spot so everybody could realise very quickly that something was NOT ok with him and control their own dogs.

All my sleeves are made by hand with a lot of care. TheHuggableDog sleeves have evolved over these years, following my own needs, and all of your suggestions.

Of course this is not magic, but it helps. I personally experienced an improvement on our walks. People noticed very quickly and our walks started to be much more relaxed and enjoyable.

It seems we are not the only ones and our leash sleeves have become very popular.

Thank you all for your support to allow me to carry on with my adored Huggable Dog’s legacy.

The Huggable Dog
2009-2021 Missing you everyday.